by Incoming Cerebral Overdrive



released April 7, 2008

Myphonic Records
Recorded at Fear Studio (Ravenna) by Simone Mularoni
Mixed at GodCity Studio (Massachusetts) by Kurt Ballou
Mastered at WestWestSide (New York) by Alan Douches



all rights reserved


Incoming Cerebral Overdrive Pistoia, Italy

5 piece progressive post-metal band from Pistoia, Italy.

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Track Name: Food
Passions and memories of a far and wasted time,
when I left wasted and missed,
turned into food that makes my stomach full and satisfied
but leaves my heart empty.
Food made of air and ash, so clean pure and light,
I can eat it, always, in every moment
and I don’t care if I stagnate like a plant
that lives and dies without any sensation.
Privilege became regret. Now I remind.
Satisfaction became loneliness. Now I remind.
An invisible but very heavy chain keeps me immobile,
it lets me free just to eat my food,
with each bite my heart beats slower and more silent.
Poisoned food, hard to digest,
inside my veins continues to rend the strength.
Withering food strikes integrity of my certitude
and leaves me here alone.
Track Name: Analysis
Energies meeting, never certain sensations...
Contact, penetration and research in the dusk
Details, small and invisible, fundamental
No barrier to divide and I give myself...
I’m not over, I’m not beyond, I’m just the help
that enters, explores and confronts
..and own reality must be like music for eyes
In this meeting I live and grow up, richer
and like a medicine I leave the sign...
Track Name: Wait
I must build up with my ambitions
what I miss around, waiting and quaking,
with the sweet torment of wait,
so unpitying and wearing.
I cannot know how and if
the moment will come,
which will change the quiver
of depression or evolution.
To leave and to be content,
living time has not certain,
or to undergo and to sweat,
thinking the wait will evolve
and I won’t depress, and I hope time won’t betray.
Many different sensations alternate (succeed each other)
let oscillate the humour and the expectations.
I am sitting to wait and I begin to brake.
Failure would be the certainty of uselessness
of my sweat that like a thorn in throat
lets me remember its presence,
but lets me remember that also I am an animal
and if I want to live I must fight or escape.
And in any case I am forced to die.
Track Name: Seasons
Vibrations cross me, let tremble my immobile body,
as a relief of a stable distress.
Frozen emotions, already illusions,
are a painting’s frame
made of blood and flesh.
Magnificent sleep embraces my shape.
Imaginary of life, hope of stability,
touched figures, soul and body,
Tears include utopias, creeds
and known affections.
Like seasons, my rhythmic swinging
between the warm and the cold produces
natural frictions, that make me feel alive
but eternally crammed and tired
And so…
...I left what I created.
Track Name: Hope
mate of my feelings,
increases elaboration of things,
enlarges with light the borders of coscience,
amplifies the time
that patiently awaits the next second
and joins the hope
driving energy to create
new strenght and new resistence,
shoves intense impulses
to use the time
and needs incentives of success
to join the solitude
they watch today
and see tomorrow
Track Name: Slave
This false sun doesn’t heat me,
it’s shining, yes, but doesn’t heat my blood
Loneliness embraces me,
Sometimes dandles me and becomes my sun

Psychological violence
Illusion gives me a dim relief in vain

Nude insanity, I’m running around in circles
but I never find again that I leave,
I always find new incitements for new pain.
And the circle becomes a sphere that lives of own-energy,
I can also stay stable.
I don’t rule anymore.
I’m my brain slave.

Under all levels - my frustration
Inside the nucleus - my suffering.. in vain!

This false rain doesn’t wet me,
it leaves my lips arid, my skin dry
Fear embraces me,
sometimes dandles me and becomes my rain
Track Name: Born
Obsessive light,
Hands hold me, strong and safe but very delicate,
will they help me to understand all this and make it less hostile
for these shapes, assumed and incorporated...
Curious eyes and smiling mouths confess that someone
took me here and waited for me..
Why do I scream and cry and I wouldn’t be here?
I don’t know where I was, what I was and what I am..
but I know that I don’t like the here and I would prefer everything better than this..
Obligated and confined in an enigmatic reality,
everything is unknown and distressing..
I’m trembling, I’m afraid and cold..
..and around me, while they are staring at me,
everyone laughs and is happy
Track Name: Awakening
The presence of old emotions that I felt asleep
When they wake up suddenly all returns like before
But I’m sure that if they fall asleep again, sooner or later,
a loud noise or a faint whisper will awake them
And the already known sensation of disorder that creates the chaos,
that destroys, transforms and, and stuns me always,
like an eruption changes the nearest shapes and it covers by heat
the territory, up to now cold and immobile
Ancient perceptions dive into reality
and they paint a new picture, adorning it of colours and particulars,
not easy to understand and interpret and destined to change again
The sensation to have things again that aren’t mine anymore
makes much louder the awakening that sweetly upsets me
and gently enchains me