by Incoming Cerebral Overdrive



released March 3, 2003

Self Produced
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fear Studio (Ravenna) by Gabriele Ravaglia



all rights reserved


Incoming Cerebral Overdrive Pistoia, Italy

5 piece progressive post-metal band from Pistoia, Italy.

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Track Name: Kingdom Gone
Screams! Like fists in a still open wound.
Amplified! Multiplied!
My pungent pain is certain
exists! Exists!
Resignation, the last defeat appears relentless,
and then the silence…
Stagnation. Immobility. I’m not influential.
and then the silence…
Reality is compromised by my greed,
but outside I seem, I appear.
I need something I can’t have,
I’d like to do something I can’t afford
I’d like to go where I can’t go,
but I can still be, I can still dream.
External evolution, new differences signify my
Internal involution that you can’t see…
I sallow up stones at each breath.
Violent screams of my silence
shine in my dreams..
Here they can be free,
and when I wake up
I know I’m much more
tired.. loser.. alone..
in my kingdom gone…
Track Name: Non-Evolved
Alternative reality of who wants all and gives nothing
Instinct, only instinct, free and without control
A fantastic and perfect World where desires don't exist
because they're dead before born
Drives rule and destroy the Will, but assure total personal satisfaction..
Because in this World strong comes and weak leaves
Because in this alternative World strong wins all
and weak becomes slave
Here everyone lives for himself, unable to understand,
to comprise that sometimes we are ourselves victim.
And so the World lives and loves and teaches how to feel right
because I am, like you, too much afraid and cold
and so the World knows what I need and want to feel right
because, like you and me, this World is sad
Track Name: Slave
This false sun doesn't heat me,
it's shining, yes, but doesn't heat my blood
Loneliness embraces me,
Sometimes dandles me and becomes my sun
Psychological violence
Illusion gives me a dim relief in vain
Nude insanity, I'm running around in circles
but I never find again that I leave,
I always find new incitements for new pain.
And the circle becomes a sphere that lives of own-energy,
I can also stay stable.
I don't rule anymore.
I'm my brain slave.
Under all levels - my frustration
Inside the nucleus - my suffering.. in vain!
This false rain doesn't wet me,
it leaves my lips arid, my skin dry
Fear embraces me,
sometimes dandles me and becomes my rain