released September 9, 2009

Supernatural Cat
Recorded and Mixed by at Westlink Studio (Pisa) by Ale Paolucci, Ovi Sportelli and I.C.O.
Mastered At Vanara Studio (Turin) by Alessandro Vanara



all rights reserved


Incoming Cerebral Overdrive Pistoia, Italy

5 piece progressive post-metal band from Pistoia, Italy.

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Track Name: Reflections
I don't get up from the bed
I watch the same points and
smell the odors, each second
much more intense
All around dust and cowebs
soften the corners while
spiders share with me
the hours and the changes of light
The obsessing rythm wich scans the time
I don't care, it's not interesting
because I see over the visible
over the reflections of light
I see sick dynamics to reach
the immediate gratification
of usless diseres, apologized
by a collective hallucination
of normality and justice
Sleeping open eyes, like moles,
escape from the light and go underground
Speaking of health they kill the universal soul
and the real human wealth.
I make my hallucinations alone
Track Name: Controversial
Empty seeds, bud withered,
fall incomplete.
Plants grow in the dusk,
suffer the light and trasform
the water in sand, the air in ash,
the flowers in thorns, the fruits in stons.
A barren cycle, limited,
ended, depressing:
but it continues to be,
finds unexpected energy
for its passive activity;
irrepressible and irremovable,
fills all with the void,
creats melodies with dissonances,
give rythm with uptempos.
The cycle is so, like my music:
Track Name: Oxygen
The old crooked foundations,
strewn with sand,
of this controversial nature
annunce the next failure,
where communication is
a river without water
and determination is
a wood without trees
the evasion wish disguises
itself as drops and leaves
I breath
the perfections wish trasforms
itself in steam and smoke
I weep
sand caresses the skin
stops the mouth, the nose, the ears
like a planet I need oxygen
that is much more precious
in my nature so arid
Track Name: Science
I believe in science
I believe in thought
I believe in perceptions
I watch, touch and study
the simple logic
and the analitic precision
feed my knowledge
the universe like system
the stars like elements
we are part of them
and after the end
we will find the nothing
the mathematics is the door
to describe the astronomy
the numbers are the keys
to analyze the universe
that gives life to my body
and to my brain
but if I read the next
I realize I am the same one
divided in two pieces
kept together
against my will
Track Name: Magic
I believe in magic
I believe in dream
I believe in sensations
I feel, graze and meditate
the spiritual warm
of the energies of each atom
drives my destiny
universe like father
stars like children
they are part of us
and after the end
we will find the all
the zodiac is the way
to interpret the astrology
the signs are the paths
to symbolize the universe
that gives energy to my soul
and to my mind
but if I read the previous
I realize I am the same one
divided in two pieces
kept together
against my will
Track Name: Colours
An explosive light comes,
changes everything,
another time again..
Folds the old reflections,
nulliffies the old distortions.
Enlightens, enriches and denies the shadows.
Give strenght with a contagious heat.
Light for blinds, sounds for deafs,
water for thirsties, life!
Very fast particles of hope and safety,
The same very mighty fear
is not able to limit the light,
the knowledge of it makes the light
much more sure and luxuriant,
because it's been obscured too many times
and it knows it can happen again.
This time I distinguish the shapes
and see the colours.
Track Name: Sound
The spasm of the sound,
narrates the minutes pass,
accompanies since dawn to sunset
questions without answers.
Wrapped warmth
and wearing cold,
seen like waves,
codify strategies of existence.
What I am, or probably,
what I think to be
is reflected by sensations choosen by me
to represent a superior request,
a reserch eradicated in human nature..
never satisfied.
The spasm of the sound,
narrates the minutes pass,
accompanies since sunset to dawn
answers without questions.
The sound and the dream
contrast the infinte
uselessness of all