by Incoming Cerebral Overdrive



released May 7, 2012

Supernatural Cat
Recorded and Mixed at Locomotore (Rome) by Lorenzo Stecconi, Stefano Tocci and I.C.O.
Drums Recorded at Westlink Studio (Pisa) by Ale Paolucci, Stefano Tocci and I.C.O.
Mastered at Locomotore Studio by Lorenzo Stecconi



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Incoming Cerebral Overdrive Pistoia, Italy

5 piece progressive post-metal band from Pistoia, Italy.

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Track Name: Mirzam
The cosmic limit of the speed of light is the stimulus to outdo ourselves, represented in form and matter. We can evolve into higher energies like life evolved from nothingness. Space and time will be only a game, life and death will be a choice. But we are so far away. We are blind. We are attracted by nothingness that like a black hole sucks u sin and annihilates us. Quantum foam stops us, deforms and distorts, renders us nothing like laws of mathematics in its presence. Nothingness, like a black hole, a force that bends space and time to its laws. Abstraction becomes the only sensible law, infinity the only number possible.
Track Name: Sirius
The senseless, the abstract, the incongruent, the indefinite and chaos acquire sense, normally inexplicable and harmful for our physical and social development, they become an unmissable common ground for our path towards the absolute. Suddenly they appear so close to us that we wonder about them, find them again inside the kaleidoscopic everyday of dreams. An immense mass hallucination rules our laws. Maybe, the only things that make sense in all our existence we find them again in the senselessness of dreams. In dreams the chance of incongruent events, for our vision of the whole, draws an abstract picture framed indefinitely and multidimensionally. We can't rule out
Track Name: Betelgeuse
I envy Einstein and his dream, a law for each thing, a theory of everything to tell us what god really is, to conceive the future as evolution towards cosmic fusion. We have a purpose and we must carry it out. Time and space are our friends, the possibility of reproduction permits the handing down of knowledge. The universe is the land, we are the seeds. Our future isn't in this form or in these dimensions. Everything that has a beginning has an end too. We should be ready and should have carried out our purpose. We are only larvae, larvae that hide
Track Name: Kochab
The search for the absolute, the reduction to the lowest terms of every law known and unknown is the answer to the fundamental human question, it's the because of the question "Why?" But like a black hole prevents the stellar light escaping nothingness we disperse our faculties on the immensity. We are attracted by nothingness and in nothingness we disperse our faculties. Nothingness takes all that doesn't oppose with strength. Maybe nothingness is the only thing that really exists. Zero is the one and only real number. A quantum vacuum from which the essence itself of our existence comes
Track Name: Adhara
The stars watch us. The stars guide us. The Stars influence us. The Stars are us. For their disposition and their strength. Like a pregnant woman that gives energy to the creature inside her, two entities, one body, an unbreakable bond. A quark or a quazar, we are the same. Like mother and child, interaction. The Stars are our destiny. The stars are our future. We will enrich them like they enriched us. We will give them life like they did with us uniting us in universal fusion for absolute completeness
Track Name: Pherkad
The starting point of evolution. Reasoning and sensation developed our thirst for knowledge and for completeness towards physical and spiritual satisfaction. We haven't succeeded in uniting them, rational and irrational still travel on different tracks. Science can't exist without magic because it's the latter which fuels the curiosity of discovery. Magic can't exist without science like general relativity and quantum mechanics, two sides of the same coin while equations diverge
Track Name: Sirius B
We can't rule out that mysteries of the universe work in the same way. maybe it's really all a hologram, an immense mass hallucination even the least perceived fragment is sufficient to rebuild the whole image that we live as reality. Maybe we're just receivers that stagnate in a changeable sea of frequencies that we transform into physical reality. Like in a dream, empirical metaphysical reality
Track Name: Polaris
I perceive vibrations. I recall that the Big Bang started our reality, space and time were created as the cradle of matter and antimatter. We shouldn't even have existed. Life can't waste this chance because we are. The Stars, we have become everything when we should have been nothing. We are The Stars
Track Name: Bellatrix
The evolution is possible only with the disowning of our deepest rooted certainties favouring the acceptance of the impossible. Technological stagnation which marks our intellectual era and the onanistic, magical, and religious hallucinations that distinguish our species represent the failure. The stellar wealth failure has been caused by us. A circular evolution, the more you go ahead, the more you return to where you were
Track Name: Rigel
The concept of the internal opposed to the external, the subdivision into conglomerates that we distinguish as shapes, are the message decoded and adapted by our sensitive receptors. With other eyes we'll see a united whole of atoms that intertwine, meet and collide to form an immense, infinite membrane of energy. A membrane of pure essence in which we will dissolve. We prepare our ears to listen to the sound of The Stars